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Mama to seven little wild things and wife to one adventurous husband, Sarah spends her days trying to calm the crazy. She's the quiet one. When not being (willingly) coaxed into her family's schemes and ideas, she enjoys curling up with a good book, creating something beautiful, and writing tales of her families adventures. You can also find her blogging at

God Always Provides

As I scrolled through Facebook the other day, I stumbled upon  a piece about large families. It was an outline of things you shouldRead more »

Passing on the Faith Resources for Parents

Passing on the Faith: Resources for Parents

As moms, we always want the best for our kiddoes. As Catholic moms, we want even more for our children when it comes to our faith. It’s anRead more »

Offer It Up

Offer It Up! The Sanctification of Suffering

This Lent, it’s not too late to choose to offer some small, painful sacrifice to Christ. Unite it to His Passion and sanctify yourRead more »

Greater the Gold: Adding Siblings is Worth the Sacrifice

This spring, we were thrilled to welcome our seventh baby. And to add to the excitement, it was a boy, after twelve years and threeRead more »

psychocline:a faith-filled business

Pycnocline: A Faith-Filled Business

I have been eyeing these gorgeous t-shirts from pycnocline for a while, so when I had the chance to review one and interview Megan, IRead more »

Uniting to Christ's Life-Giving Suffering

Uniting to Christ’s Life-Giving Suffering

God’s perfect original plan did not include all of this suffering. In the same way, His original plan did not include sending His SonRead more »

Mommy Wars and the Battle Over Schools

August has slipped away and September’s arrival had us all turning to pumpkin spice, bouquets of freshly sharpened pencils, and ofRead more »

God: The Ultimate Artist

I don’t consider myself an artist, but I am a creative and a lover of beauty. As such, I have a hard time seeing the arts marginalizedRead more »

A House Full of Joy

“Don’t you have any hobbies?” “You know what causes that?” You’ve heard it all before. The probingRead more »

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