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Mary is a wife, mother of two girls and one boy, and a homeschooler. She has been a Catholic since her baptism as a baby, married for seven years, and a mom for six years. She loves studying theology and apologetics and is very passionate about our beautiful Faith.

Seeing {Current Events} With the Eyes of Jesus

If you’ve been paying attention to the news lately, you probably have heard about the situation that has been going on in Baltimore, MDRead more »

His Flesh Is True Food

“Take and eat; this is my body… Drink from [the cup], all of you, for this is my blood of the covenant…” (Matthew 26:26-27). TheseRead more »

Why settle for shades of grey?

Remember the scene in the movie The Passion of the Christ when the androgynous, almost-beautiful-but-not-quite Satan character is carryingRead more »

Just Like Mary

Advent. That beautiful time of year when Catholics join together in the solidarity of joyful preparation for the coming of the Savior. It’sRead more »

Seven ways to build a culture of life

It’s October, and that means that Respect Life Month is once again upon us. This is a time for us to be extra mindful of the ways in whichRead more »

It’s Not Always Easy to Love

Last weekend, my husband and I attended the wedding of one of his friends from college. It was not a Catholic wedding, but the couple isRead more »

(Mis)understanding the Hobby Lobby Ruling

On Monday, the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) issued a controversial ruling exempting craft store Hobby Lobby (as well asRead more »

Owning Less, Appreciating More: A Catholic Discovers Minimalism

In March, I mentioned that I was going to participate in a decluttering challenge as one of my Lenten disciplines. Unfortunately, God hadRead more »


This is the fourth of a series of posts reflecting line-by-line on the Anima Christi. Over the past few months we have been reflecting onRead more »

The Fruit of Fasting

Today is the second day of Lent, which hopefully means that most of us are still gung-ho about our Lenten commitments, and are excitedRead more »

Love Your Enemies

On Monday, late-term abortionist Kermit Gosnell was found guilty of three counts of First Degree Murder for killing babies born alive whenRead more »

CDF and LCWR: Reform, Not Inquisition

This past week, the Vatican stated that Pope Francis fully supports reform of the Leadership Conference of Women Religious (LCWR), a groupRead more »

Now is the Time

I spent a lot of time thinking about what I wanted to write about for this post. I had a lot of ideas swirling around in my head, butRead more »

Principles for a Peaceful, Pleasant Marriage

My husband came home from work the other day and told me that a younger, unmarried coworker asked him if he liked being married.  IRead more »