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Katie spent her girlhood in a cult, where she was sexually wounded and nearly crushed by sorrow. Katie is here today because she belongs to a Father who turns tears into dancing and darkness into light. She earned her undergraduate degree in Theology from the University of Notre Dame, which is also the place where she met Jesus in the Eucharist and took Pope John Paul II as her spiritual father. Katie ministered at a Honduran orphanage, had her heart pierced in India, and served as a pro-life lobbyist before marrying and becoming a full-time mother. Amidst her days of washing dishes, chasing chickens, and kissing babies, Katie is earning her Master of Arts in Theology at the Augustine Institute. The mother of two precious toddlers and three babies who have run ahead to heaven, Katie lives with her beloved husband, Devin, on a farm outside Austin, Texas, and serves as the co-director of Feminine Genius, Inc.

Career or Kids? What’s a Girl To Do?

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My View of the New Feminism

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The Dilemma and Joy of Being Single

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Your Little Monthly Retreat

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Put Your Helmet On

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Archbishop Leonard: A Model for All Clergy

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Fashion for Jesus

Okay, let’s start with God.  God is Love, and the source of all that is good.  Among the many attributes of God–Truth,Read more »

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