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Here I am, Lord…Broken

Who knew that these weekly visits would become my number one most important survival tool? It was as if Jesus timed my discovery ofRead more »

What are you willing to do about it?

But…at some point, we have to muster up the resolve (through prayer or action) to make changes for the better. Even if they are smallRead more »

That Ache in my Heart when He’s Away

This life we chose to live, the Army life, can be hard, lonely, stressful and difficult, with long days and even longer months apart.Read more »

It Wasn’t a Coincidence

We had been praying fervently for three years to conceive a child. Throughout that time we lived through the stages of infertility: denial,Read more »

Intersection of Faith and Mental Illness

In my mental health talks to youth groups, I share how there are two parallel lines running through my life. As my spiritual journeyRead more »

REVIEW: The Island of Two Trees

The Island of Two Trees is a story born through the authors creative play with his children, and based off of an actual model island heRead more »

…Unless He’s Addicted

I yelled at God. I prayed that he let me die. Then I prayed that he make my husband die. God clearly did not want my husband to die, but itRead more »

Our Children are Leaving the Church. Here’s What We Can Do About It

Don’t most Catholic children live in Catholic homes with Catholic parents? Shouldn’t that be enough? If we want our kids to remain strongRead more »

Rezo del Niño

Hoy en día cuesta mucho encontrar familias que quieran preservar estas tradiciones pero para nosotros es parte fundamental de nuestrasRead more »

Navigating Marriage at its Worst

How had we gotten to where we were? Why did two people so in love fall so far apart? And the love we once had for each other wasRead more »

True Love Wins

This post is a part of our Real and Raw series.   Aunt #1: “I heard they chose green and lavender as their colors.” Aunt #2: “WhereRead more »

If Only I Hadn’t _________

“If only I hadn’t _____.”  How many of us have said that – days, months, years, decades, after?  Remorse, guilt, shame, self-blame…Read more »

My Child Struggles with Mental Illness

Welcome to this installment in the series Real and Raw – Soul-Stirring Stories, a series focused on taking a candid look at theRead more »

We Are the Warriors: Reflections on Anxiety

Welcome to this installment in the series Real and Raw – Soul-Stirring Stories, a series focused on taking a candid look atRead more »

When They Leave the Faith

Have your adult children stopped practicing the Catholic Faith? This story will hit close to home. Journey with our author as she sharesRead more »

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