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Suffer with Dignity: Our Journey to the Finish Line

We are a nation of contradictions.  Lining the streets, we cheer the struggling marathoner as she bleeds her last dropRead more »


Trusting in God’s Promises: One Momma’s Letter to You

Losing a baby is no doubt one of the most difficult things a parent can go through. It is wrought with pain, sadness,Read more »


Baby Louie: A Tale of Faith, Hope, and Love

“I am so sorry, but your son has a lethal form of skeletal dysplasia. His limbs are very short and his chest cavity isRead more »


Where do we look for love in our lives?

Where do we look for love in our lives? It is the basis of a question that goes far beyond the surface of ourRead more »


Ode to Feminine Genius: A Merciful Woman

This is the fifth installment in the series of Ode to Feminine Genius: Proverbs 31 Catholic Woman. Today’s topicRead more »


The Significance of Hope

A friend of mine who is involved with Youth Ministry mentioned to me once that a lesson for the teens at our parish Read more »


Frances Raphael: Helping People Love Better

Today we share with our readers a letter written from a mom to her unborn daughter. Our friend Shannon H. is aRead more »


An Open Letter to My Gay Sister

As someone who struggles with same-sex attraction yet remains a practicing Catholic, I try to keep my finger on theRead more »


“The Catholic Church is Irrelevant to Today’s Youth”– a young woman’s perspective

This post is part of our Little Sistas series, in which we showcase writing by talented young ladies who love the FaithRead more »


REVIEW: Gimme Shelter

I’m a picky movie goer: I don’t want to fork over cash to support movies that worship the gimmie (non)Read more »


BLOG TOUR: What’s On Your Nightstand? Women’s Fiction for the Catholic Girl

It’s not always easy, finding a book to read that doesn’t insult either our intelligence or our moral standards.  IRead more »


Mallory: God Had Another Plan

In the grand scheme of life, sometimes, it goes fast, sometimes slow. When you lose a child, or a pregnancy, timeRead more »


Christopher: Taken too Early

My name is Shari and I am the mother of nine children. My eighth child, Christopher James was taken from me too early toRead more »


Motherhood and 1000 Concerts | Tajci {TY-chi}

By Tajci Cameron “1000 concerts is a big number in any artist’s life” states the press release aboutRead more »


Suffering at the Hands of Family: A Personal Invitation and a Gift {Part 1}

I’m reading through threads on social media today and am thinking that if I had a nickel for every thread I readRead more »

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