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Darcie is a wife and mom of two little girls. Before she met her husband, Christian, she discerned religious life with a community. She now splits her time between working as a Catholic religious advisor at a secular college and a marketing director for a distribution company. She was the Director of the Catholic apostolate Live the Fast for three years and is still on the board. Darcie loves to share her journey in the faith and her writing can also be found at
Do You Need Jesus?

Do You Need Jesus?

Growing up, my parents did a really great job teaching my brother and I the difference between a need and a want. I remember going to themRead more »

Stepping out of the Boat

Stepping Out of the Boat

We planned to slowly build it up until there was enough work for my husband to leave his current job and come on full-time. But that wasn’tRead more »

Desolation: When God Seems Far Away

I’m in desolation. Maybe you are too. Or maybe you’re not. Maybe you’re in consolation, but you can still use this post to help prepare youRead more »

Welcome Back One-piece

(Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons) This summer I am welcoming back the one-piece bathing suit. And you can too! It’s not about hidingRead more »

Moving with Little Ones

While I wish this was a post about getting exercise with children, it’s not. (Although maybe someday, I’ll write about that.) For now, IRead more »

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