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Antonia Goddard is a writer and playwright based in London, UK. A country girl born and bred, she’s currently learning the joys and struggles that come with life in a big city - and offering both to God. When she’s not writing or reading historical fiction, she’s probably cooking. Definitely not burning things.

Introducing Lectio Divina to Little Ones

Whether you have young children, or would like to introduce Lectio Divina to children in your school, retreat centre, or prayer group, IRead more »

Being the Living Crib

This Advent, many families will prepare a crib scene to prepare for Christmas and celebrate the coming of Our Lord. It’s a great AdventRead more »

Tastiest Squidgeyest Yummiest Chocolate Cookies that are Sure to Get You into Heaven

Baking for others is one of my favourite projects, and I believe there’s no better way to show your love for your neighbour than by bakingRead more »

Sneaking Prayer into the Everyday

Prayer shouldn’t be that hard, should it? After all, it is (among other things) a conversation with God. I’m a chatterbox. It should beRead more »

Why I’m a Visible Catholic in the United Kingdom

Until the Catholic Relief Act in 1829 many rights and choices were restricted to us, and even today visible Catholics are barred from theRead more »

The Language of Pro-Choice – and How we Can Defeat It

“Defend the unborn against abortion even if they persecute you, calumniate you, set traps for you, take you to court, or kill you.” PopeRead more »

How (Not) To Martha Up Your Life

I knew God was right, I needed to slow down, to listen to His word, to do what he wanted for me and stop worrying about what others thoughtRead more »

Five Reasons to Wear a Veil (and Five Not to…)

Whilst veiling is becoming an increasingly popular decision among young Catholic women, my journey to the mantilla has been far from easy.Read more »

Raising Role Models

All women are born with one natural female role model: their mother. A loving mother will teach them about all the other amazing heroinesRead more »

In Defence of the Man with One Talent

I have always felt a certain affinity for the Man with One Talent. I am fortunate to have been blessed with decent brains and a gift forRead more »

Confessions of a Mass-Hopper

Young Catholics are more transient than ever, hopping between different rented accommodation (in London, this can be as often as every fewRead more »

Called by Marriage, Not to Marriage

A Vocation for Life After your marriage, your life will change forever. You will change forever. Whatever happens in your life – good orRead more »

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